About Nia Enterprises

Nia Enterprises, LLC is an online community and research/marketing services company founded in January 2000.  The company provides opt-in, permission-based marketing data solutions related to growing and diverse markets.  It also provides the largest online Consumer Advisory Panel of people of color with a specialty focused on African-American women and their families.  This opt-in, permission-based panel offers companies a direct link into the buying habits and consumer preferences of the largest ethnic buying power groups.  
Our offerings include NiaOnline.com, the NIA Lifestyle Guides, an online Consumer Advisory Panel: NiaPulse reaching over 150,000 multicultural household members,  NiaOnline® Quick Response Omnibus,  NiaOnline Research Monitors, diversity consulting and event-based solutions. New offerings launched in spring 08 include the largest online library of original content for black women, Nia Pedia and daily news blog, Girl, get me started, on-line focus groups, and a fully automated on-line research library.
The company is 100 percent minority-owned and operates through two online platforms:  Research---NiaPulse ; Nia Interactive  Media which includes community---Nia Online; and Targeted Marketing  Solutions---NIA Lifestyle Guides. The  online properties of Nia Enterprises are designed to create a direct link  and trusted dialogue with people of color while serving as a feeder to the  company's Consumer Advisory Panel. Nia Enterprises is headquartered in Chicago and also has offices in New York.